This is our Dax 08 Micro Digger

Micros Digger 720mm Wide

Steel Sections up to 12mm

Auxiliary for Hydraulic Attatchments

Koop 192 Diesel Engine 7.6kw 10.3hp

1200/1300 Dig Depth

Fold Down Roll Bar

3 Buckets

Ideal for self builders - landscapers - odd jobs - smallholders - small building works.

Daily maintenance checks

- Engine oil: 15-40 mineral oil

- Grease: general purpose lithium grease

- Hydraulic oil - iso 46 mineral

-Fuel is Diesel (red tank on 08/10)

-Inspect fasteners: lock tight & tighten / replace if required

- hydraulic system visual inspection

Track maintenance

-Tension: typically 25mm of play in top track

-Clean tracks throughout daily use

- Avoid harsh turning and driving on demolition spoil

-Visual inspection for damage / worn tracks

Do not operate the machine until checks have been completed and any damage rectified!


-Daily checks complete?

-Site conditions safe to operate in?

-Wearing appropriate PPE?

-Turn DC isolator on

-Depress throttle button then gently lift until resistance is felt

- Turn ignition key no FOR NO LONGER THAN 2 SECOND intervals return to off position once engine has started DO NOT OVER CRANK

-Once running select appropriate rev range (low revs for smoother operation)

- Do not dismount with engine running

- During operation the hydraulic oil should not be allowed to rise above 75c. Stop and allow to cool if above 75c (red thermometer located on sight gauge)

Turning Off procedure

- Park on level ground

- Fully lower hydraulic blade and boom

- Depress throttle button then gently lower until engine stops

-Turn DC isolator off

Machine end of use storage

-Wash off and grease

-Store machine undercover

-Store with rams retracted or greased where possible

-Dc isolator off

Mandatory 20 hour inspection

It is a statutory requirement that at 20 hours of operation the machine is taken out of service.

A comprehensive inspection of all fasteners, hydraulic hoses & threaded components must be undertaken.

Hydraulic hoses should be tightened until resistance is felt + 1/4 turn for a good mechanical fit.

Fasteners / threaded components where suspected to be loose must be disassembled thread lock applied and tightened until resistance is felt + 1/4 a turn for a good mechanical fit.

Service intervals

Engine oil and strainer replaced and cleaned at 50 hours and 200 hours thereafter (15-40 mineral oil)